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"Marianne has demonstrated exceptional exceptional coaching ability at all levels and in several of the Group's environments. A talent for understanding all communication situations. Her intelligence of the stage and of human relationships enables her to guide and accompany numerous personalities on the substance of messages and on form."

Pure talent!  

Cyril Garcia,

Capgemini Executive Board member

Global Sustainability Services and Corporate Responsibility Head

"After the various confinements, I finally had the opportunity to get my whole team together. SHAKE THE SCENE had already accompanied me with a team-building event based on theater: an unforgettable experience! This time we did a team-building session based on improvisation games. Once again, the magic worked, releasing joy and energy. We had a wonderful time, while learning about the levers of collective success., what it really means to be a team. My thanks again to Marianne and the entire SHAKE THE SCENE team, whom I highly recommend."

Maria Modrono

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, member of the Executive Committee, Lectra

"Marianne is a wonderful sparring partner who has been with us for several years now, helping us to prepare our managerial "grand-messes" so that they don't turn out to be such! She has been able to capture the soul of this Group, understand its operating methods and habits, and demonstrate great agility in the face of the constraints imposed, without ever losing sight of her "itchy" side, which challenges us and takes us a little further each time! With SHAKE THE SCENE, you learn to step outside the box to gain impactand discover yourself differently.

Hélène Taboury

Group Communications Director, April

I had the opportunity to work with Marianne on the organisation of a major international event with high stakes, to prepare a great number of speakers for the stage over a very short lapse of time. Marianne is an expert coach in public speakingwho hands out a lot of advice, whether in terms of production or in terms of the key messages, in order to maximize the impact of the presentation. She has a great listening ability and is very acute in her approach of senior manager profiles, however varied, including the most reluctant.

I highly recommend Marianne for your coaching needs.

Virginie Regis

Capgemini Executive Board member

Group Marketing & Communications Director

"A motivator and facilitator with the organization team, an inspirer and revealer of issues, and above all a formidable conductor of the SHAKE THE SCENE team, Marianne knew perfectly how to surround us and herself to turn our 220 employees into so many talented budding artists, very happy to play, talk, shout, sing and laugh together on stage. Top-notch organization, a sharp, human eye that captures our daily lives, a highly effective writing style and a finely-honed sense of humor enabled us to accompany our value proposition with a great collective dynamism via hard-hitting sketches whose cult lines are still echoing two months later. 

Working with SHAKE THE SCENE is a real pleasure: to consume without moderation, to share and to experience absolutely!"

Cécile Laroze, Communications Manager CER France Val de Loire

 Dythirambic feedback on the soft skills masterclasses run by the 6 SHAKE THE SCENE trainers! A wow effect on all 500 employees trained! We're still talking about it, and we're already thinking about what's next. Working on interpersonal skills now and in the future is vital in our business, which puts trust before technical skills.

Stéphane Fritz

Chairman Guy Hoquet Immobilier

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